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Our Mission
To provide our international clients with the fastest and most accurate prediction of costs and risks associated with the optimisation, development, construction and operation of tunnelling projects and related underground works.

Tunnel Cost Modelling
The increasing amount of information which becomes available during the investigation, design optimisation and procurement of tunnelling works requires an ability to provide instant solutions to comprehensive, complex problems in an understandable format. 

MATRICS has developed a simple but effective model with the capability to link all the relevant aspects such as contract conditions, correspondence, methods of construction or technical data having an impact on the overall time to completion and cost as well. Business Improvement

The web based interactive model is particularly suitable for the construction of underground railways, metros, highways, hydro-power, water supply and waste water schemes.

The MATRICS multilingual model can collect and effectively filter and disseminate all relevant information instantly and accurately within the restraints and demands for increased quality, tighter schedules and overall lower budgets.

Fast Track Tunnel Construction
We further specialise in the design and management of fast track techniques for providing watertight tunnels and concrete structures using the latest resin injection white tank techniques as well as remedial waterproofing works.

Our area of operations include: Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Our personnel can communicate in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese and Korean.

Our principle fields of expertise include:  Project Management and Quality Assurance for Multi Disciplinary Construction Work, Project Organisation, Planning and Progress Reporting, Risk and Claims Analysis, Estimating and Costing, Documentation Management, Setting up and Maintenance of Project Control Systems.

MATRICS Consult Ltd. is a registered company which has been operating internationally since 2001.