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Matrics Consult Ltd. has developed a unique engineering skill in the provision of design, construction and maintenance know-how in the field of watertight construction, particularly for structures deep below the water table. This is based on over 30 years experience in the field, working on a variety of unusual projects where the waterproofing failed or the waterproofing was critical to the successful completion of the project.

The use of modern chemical resins in construction has been a domain of the major chemical additive suppliers for a long time. However the success of the watertightness depends on many more issues than just the material alone. Knowledge of the surrounding environment including groundwater conditions and geology, structural design criteria, method of application and long term maintenance requirement are equally important.

We have developed and combined this knowledge to provide unique fast track construction techniques which resolve the frequent defects found in traditional waterproofing systems e.g. damaged membranes or leaking cracks and construction joints and saves up to 30% in construction time.

The company has experience of working on over 100 projects world wide in this particular field and can provide customer specific design-build solutions for any combination of situations for large basements, metros, rail, road and hydropower stations, dams and other water retaining structures.

We also provide inspection services to existing tunnels and recommend quality solutions for repair where water is leaking into the tunnel, even if already repaired by previous unsuccessful methods. The company also has the facility to provide corrosion protection techniques where required using the latest technology available.