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Matrics is an acronym for the Management of Activities, Time and Resources for International Construction Solutions and was developed from the review of numerous construction project information systems. The results of the review showed that there was a lack of coordination between information systems across the industry due in part to limited cooperation and standardization within many of the organisations.

During the last decades there has been considerable development in the field of international construction requiring companies to operate across national borders and particularly in underground construction. However the development of Management Information Systems (MIS) has not been able to match the power of the Internet and its global attributes.

Matrics provides an integrated approach which links all the requisite information systems such as the information structure of contract conditions, technical specifications, activity coding, estimating and accounts as well as document management systems into a common code ICS “Integrated Coding System” ICS (Integrated Coding System).

The advantage of the system is that all specific information can be related to a common set of data classification codes which enables the User to correlate changes in situations e.g. “actual” versus “planned” extremely quickly with the support of modern software systems. The concept is supported by simple to use graphics and can be expanded and consolidated as and when the User determines the need. This enables cross references between say conditions of contract and specifications, estimates with accounts, progress with planned programmes etc., or any combination thereof, to be sorted automatically.

The advantage becomes obvious when planning major infrastructure projects and there is a necessity to develop information and cost models based on the experience of similar projects from other locations where some of the criteria are the same however many are different due to the “local” nature of construction projects which are very dependent on geological and geographical information.

The system has been tried, tested and continuously improved over the course of the last 25 years on a wide range of projects in over 20 different countries for the entire range of project management services from the investors and employer’s to the site manager and contractor’s point of view. It has also been used in more than four European languages and can be employed irrespective of local culture and language as the concept is based on a common construction logic.

Matrics Consult works together with a team of like minded Partners in Europe, Asia and Africa and can count on the experience of its highly trained personnel and modern IT facilities.